02 Sep 2012

Puja & Chas

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One of my favorite, most interesting weddings I’ve ever worked on was an American/Indian wedding a few years ago. The bride, Puja, was half American and half Indian, and the groom, Chas, was American.

Very ambitiously, they had two ceremonies in one day; the catholic ceremony in the morning in a church, with the traditional white dress and soft, pretty makeup for the bride and tuxedo for the groom.  Then after a couple hours break, they had a Hindu ceremony at a nearby hotel. The colors were amazing; the bride wore a red sari with amazing jewels and everyone wore bright, beautiful saris. Naturally the eye makeup was darkened significantly to match the wardrobe change for both the bride, her mother and her sister.

The entire family couldn’t have been nicer or more wonderful to work with. I always smile when I think of what a beautiful day that was and what an honor it was to be a part of it!  I would love the chance to work on more weddings like this one!

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